Technology Platform

Salt Next Gen is the smart mobile publishing platform which is tailor made for a timely product delivery. The platform is highly modular and loosely coupled wherein each component can scale independently both vertically and horizontally.

Salt Next-Gen


  • Help power entire mobile portfolio with innovative technology
  • Configure portals on a central platform with real time targeting capabilities.
  • Controls every aspect of mobile operations with easy to use central dashboard.
  • Design the look & feel and define the content mix, clone the mobile portal.
  • Provides security of an integrated enterprise grade backend operations
  • Review and Track analytics
  • Supports Rich Media push notifications
  • Configure advertisement and much more

Diverse Devices Support

Other than web SNG supports a wide range of devices, from low-end Java handsets to the latest smartphones.

Ease of Creation

Create Products on the fly. Make real time changes to promotional pages, templates, content packaging etc

Multiple Media Formats

Automatic transcoding of media to various formats. Supports state of the art HLS for iPhone as well as RTSP streaming

Content Management System

Content Management System

Product Creation: Template based pages available, Drag & Drop creation, Ability to clone products, Device-based Layouts etc

Audit Trail: Keep track of interactions - User, Page, Content Pack or Banners History

User Management:Administration of Plan Activation, Renewal, Deactivation, Parking, Grace Period etc

Content Packaging: Support for Multiple Content Types, Clone Content Packs, Rights Management, Schedule Content, Consumption based packaging etc

Banner Management: Enables various models based on Time, Operator and Circle Based Provisioning etc

Access Control: Permissions based access

Subscription Management: User, Page, Content Pack or Banners

Analytics: On-demand MIS & Analytics, MSISDN, Time, Revenue and Subscriber-based reports etc

Digital Asset Management

Central repository holding content files along with content information

Content Ingestion: Vendor Rights based on territory, devices, metadata ingestion with strict validations

Transcoding: Fast Parallel transcoding, Digital Media Protection, generates various derivatives of content files.

Reporting:Metadata reports, Case inspection reports

Digital Asset Management

Delivery Network

Delivery Network

MDN FOCUS: Global Distribution, Local Control and Security, Scale, Visibility and Control

Authorisation & Authentication: Header-based Authorization, Time-bound digest-based URL signing

MDN Services: Multiple TB’s of data for content download using Browser/App, Content Streaming using HDS/HLS/RTSP/RTMP

Data Zero: Support’s regular content downloads as well as Data Zero Rating.

Payment Gateway

Battle Tested: Over 15 Telcos integrated globally, 2 million transactions a day, API for aggregators and gateways

Compliance: TRAI regulations Implemented, Secure algorithms used, Consent Gateway

Secure: Hierarchical Authentication, Primary based on Hash & Merchant Key, Merchants allowed basis Circle, Rates and Operators etc

Customizable and easy to Integrate: Easy Deployment, Operator & Circle specific billing, HTTP & JSON processing.

Payment Gateway